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Ghost Pain

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    Ghost Pain

    Ghost pain is defined as chronic pain with unexplained aetiology that significantly disturbs life quality.

    This kind of pain is also called as phantom pain that arises following amputation of an extremity.

    What is Ghost Pain?

    Phantom pain has chronic character. Approximately 30% of patients experience phantom pain straight after the amputation. The phantom feeling and phantom pain usually disappears during the one-year following amputation. However, 10% of the patients may suffer from phantom pain during the first two years after amputation.

    What is Amputation Region Pain?

    This kind of pain is the pain that occurs in the amputation region and may be felt like burning and contraction. Phantom sensitivity on the other hand is feeling as if the amputated organ still exists.

    How is The Phantom Pain Treated?

    Treatment of phantom pain is usually difficult, but currently there are various treatment options. These treatment options are as follows:

    • Pain killers
    • Antidepressants
    • Morphine derivatives
    • Nerve blockage
    • Epidural steroid injections
    • Sympathetic ganglion blockage or radiofrequency applications
    • Spinal cord stimulation
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