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L-Disq – Plasma Laser Treatment

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    L-Disq – Plasma Laser Treatment

    A novel approach in the treatment of disc hernia is L-Disq Plasma Laser Treatment.

    This method uses laser technology and can treat disc hernia without surgical operation. A significant shrinkage can be obtained in the painful disc by the help of the actively controlled probe. Pain disappears immediately when the mechanical pressure on the spinal cord is eliminated.

    Advantages of Laser Treatment

    • Provides fast healing in appropriate patients.
    • It is an alternative of surgery.
    • Muscle and bone tissues are not harmed during plasma laser application.

    How is the Plasma Laser Applied?

    This procedure is applied under local anaesthesia in the operation room. By plasma Laser (Percutaneous Plasma Coagulation) Treatment, the discs are accessed by approximately 1 mm plasma electrodes and the discs shrink by the heat.

    Healing Following Plasma Laser Treatment

    Plasma laser application is performed under local anaesthesia, and it is minimally invasive. Therefore, hospitalisation is not required afterwards. The procedure takes around one hour and then the patients can continue their daily routine. Relief of pain occurs in a very short time after the procedure.

    Which Patients Can Benefit From Plasma Laser Treatment?

    • Patients without complete externalisation of disc content into the spinal canal,
    • If the protective sheath of the disc is not lacerated,
    • Patients suffering from chronic lumbar pain for longer than 3 months period,
    • Patients that cannot benefit from drugs, resting, hot-cold pack applications,
    • Patients with no spondylolisthesis lumbar fracture, tumours in the lumbar region,
    • Patients having at least 50% remaining disc dimension.
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