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Radiofrequency Treatment

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    Radiofrequency Treatment

    Radiofrequency treatment is one of the successful treatment options for chronic pain.

    With the radiofrequency thermoregulation treatment, heat is generated by high frequency radio waves to exclude the nerves related with chronic pain.
    The major characteristic of this treatment strategy is that nerves involved in the existing chronic pain are targeted directly and the other nerves are not influenced. In other words, this treatment does not cause any movement limitation, but only eradication of the chronic pain.

    How is the Radiofrequency Treatment Performed?

    Radiofrequency treatment is performed in the operation room under local anaesthesia. Scopy or ultrasonography is used for visualisation of the target nerve and this nerve is then accessed by a special needle. High frequency radio waves are transmitted to the target nerve through this needle.
    The procedure is not painful for the patient and depending on the number of targets, it takes approximately 30 min. Hospitalisation is not required and after a few hours’ observation, the patient can continue the daily routine.

    The duration of efficacy is variable depending on the type of pain, individual characteristics, the onset of pain etc. and can last a few months or a few years.
    The speciality and the experience of the physician directly influences the success of the treatment.

    Preparations before the radiofrequency treatment;

    • Anticoagulant drugs should be abstained,
    • Radiological evaluation reports should be in hand,
    • No jewellery and accessories should be worn,
    • Food and water intake should be abstained (4-6 hours fasting)

    Which patients can benefit from radiofrequency treatment?

    • Neuralgia (trigeminal nerve blockage),
    • Pain related with zona infections,
    • Cancer pain,
    • Lumbar and cervical joint pain,
    • Migraine and chronic headache that is not relieved by pain killers.
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